75 State Street Leasing Gallery


In announcing 75 State Street, a 31-story office tower with 3,600 square feet of gold leaf on its exterior, The Beacon Companies was already at work planning a showroom that would inform prospective tenants of this newest addition to historic State Street in Boston’s Financial District. The gallery space, located at Rowes Wharf – another Beacon Property, was selected for its direct view of the new building site as well as being adjacent to their in-house leasing agents’ offices.

The 75 State Street Gallery is an elliptical peristyle. The prospective tenant enters the Gallery and is familiarized with the building model. The room is kept uncluttered with only two models and an informal seating area. The chairs, designed by Eliel Saarinen, restate the style of the new building and the gold leaf that is featured on its exterior crown.

As one explores the space, the secondary level of the Gallery unfolds. Behind the colonnaded peristyle are four alcoves that display site history and context maps, a description of the building architects’ design rationale, building materials and building services. A fifth alcove provides a “focused view” to the 75 State Street office tower under construction.

Tangent to the Gallery is a paneled conference room with angled walls that focus back to the Gallery. Full height doors also fold back to reveal a rear projection A/V facility where the leasing agent can fine-tune the presentation for the prospective tenant’s interest.

The Gallery’s colonnaded ellipse and ceiling cove, provide a strong geometrical form that gives both hierarchy as well as continuity to the varied, informative vignettes. Without recreating specific “model rooms”, Ben Olson has used fine materials and an attention to detail to announce, this new addition to Boston’s Financial District and reward the prospective tenant with a glimpse of things to come.