Beacon Management Offices


Center Plaza was the first new office building, built in Boston during the Scollay Square urban renewal in the 1960’s.

Conveniently located in the Financial District, Center Plaza is minutes from Boston City Hall, the Massachusetts Court House and other government buildings. However, it was felt that the building was perceived as an old, out-of-date building with limited natural light, poor views and a less than prestigious address. The Beacon Companies commissioned this new marketing and management offices to exemplify Center Plaza as an up-to-date contemporary office and retail complex with standard enclosed offices with windows, numerous possibilities for open-office planning and excellent location to both historic and present Boston.

In the Beacon Management Offices, all private offices open on to a central core space, which includes reception, secretarial staff and file storage. Six toot high kiosks made of oak lattice and stainless steel define this larger space into the appropriate work areas. Conference rooms with rear projection facilities are provided to assist in the marketing and leasing of this updated complex at Boston’s Government Center.