New England Holocaust Memorial

Boston, MA

Competition Entry

The New England Holocaust Memorial is a civic forum where the public can visit, gain knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust, and depart with new insight learned from the experience.

Envisioned to be a compelling visual statement and a significant public┬áplace, the Memorial is not a museum. It will create a vivid and continuing awareness of the terrible loss to humanity, history and culture that the Holocaust represents. Its purpose is to fix the memory, to bear witness, to embrace the ineffable sense of loss and to reaffirm the basic rights of all people.The sketch illustrates The Broken Gate that visually frames Faneuil Hall, “The Cradle of Liberty.” The two piers of the gate act as two hands framing one of Boston’s most important buildings. Faneuil Hall is an American symbol of groups meeting to express their rights.

Ben Olson’s Competition Entry for The New England Holocaust Memorial communicates dialogue and images of this compelling Boston civic memorial experience.