Restaurant Hola


by Bruno Debas

Hola means hello in Spanish, and a new restaurant in Library Plaza bearing that name now welcomes its customers for a new eating experience in Marshfield.

For sixteen years, Maryann Saporito Bothroyd and her husband Andy owned Saporito’s restaurant in Hull, but she wanted to take a break from the hectic restaurant business to spend more time with her children. They sold the family restaurant in 2004, although they still own the property. The rise in popularity of Spanish food moved Boothroyd to get back into the restaurant business with Hola.

Ben Olson created a completely new restaurant where a modest ice cream parlor once existed. It is a warm, lively restaurant with hand-painted walls featuring banquette seating, a communal dining table, and a wraparound granite bar. Ben Olson then expanded the restaurant by adding a cozy outdoor patio with a large stucco fireplace. A third expansion features a second dining room with seating for an additional thirty patrons. Restaurant Hola and Bar offers a relaxing setting for innovative Spanish and Latin Cuisine.

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