Vessels Gallery

Boston, MA

Vessels Gallery is Boston’s only gallery dedicated exclusively to the work of emerging and established ceramic artists from the United States, Europe and Asia.

After five years in two different shared retail spaces, the owner realized the need to have her own gallery space for full exposure. An empty space was chosen in the SoWa art gallery complex on Harrison Avenue, Boston.

Vessels Gallery — located in Boston’s South End, the center of the city’s thriving arts and cultural scene — is a venue for those who collect, create, or covet ceramics … or those just beginning an exploration of the beauty of shaped clay.

Ben Olson developed an empty retail shell into a large, light and airy gallery to display multiple artists’ work, a smaller hexagonal gallery within the larger space to showcase a specific ceramist and the essential storage area for additional works of each potter.

Since pottery is a medium that appeals to multiple senses, visitors to the gallery are encouraged to touch, turn and examine work on all sides, as well as to ask questions about the artists and their techniques. Ben Olson’s flexible design enables openings, demonstrations, explanations of how work is created, and on occasion talks by the artists themselves.